-Spring 2012- 

Mandy Guitar, Robb Wolf and I, after his talk on Darwinian Medicine.  

Some members of the EP lab with one of the EvoS Seminar speakers, Robb Wolf.

From left to right: Glenn, Andrew, and Megan Geher, Dan Glass, Robb Wolf, Melvin Philip, Grant Trouton, Rebecca Newmark, me, Mandy Guitar.  

-Fall 2011- 

Evolutionary Psychology Research Lab Fall 2011.

From left to right: Melvin Philip, Ari Freuman, Grant Trouton, Laura Johnsen, Daniel Glass, Glenn Geher, Luke Grandis, Ashley Peterson, Mandy Guitar, Rebecca Newmark, me.  

Mandy Guitar and I at an overlook at Mohonk Mountain. 

Spring 2011 research lab at the annual Psychology Department kickball tournament. From left to right: me, Mandy Guitar, Luke Grandis, Ari Freuman, Ashley Peterson, Daniel Glass, Haley Moss Dillon, Glenn Geher, Megan Geher, Kathy Geher. 

 -Spring 2011-

Authors and/ or editors of Evolution, Education and Outreach. At the NEEPS 2011 Banquet.

From left to right: Glenn Geher, me, Andrew Gallup, Haley Moss Dillon, Ben Crosier, Tia Walters, Rose Sokol Chang, Steven Platek, Leslie Heywood, Daniel O'Brien, David Sloan Wilson, Ryan Porter, Maryanne Fisher, Justin Garcia, Daniel Kruger.  

 Dr. Becky Burch suprised all of us when she came to see Dr. Gordon Gallup's EvoS Lecture! 

From left to right: Haley Moss Dillon, me, Becky Burch, Glenn Geher, Laura Johnsen.

Our Lab and Collaborators/ Friends at the NEEPS 2011 Banquet. 

From left to right: Daniel Glass, Mary Finn, Laura Johnsen, Mandy Guitar, me, Ashley Peterson, Haley Moss Dillon, Megan Geher, Glenn Geher, Ben Crosier, Alice Andrews, Leah Manders, Corey Cook.

NEEPS 2011. Glenn and I. 

 -Fall 2010-

Evolutionary Psychology Research Lab Fall 2010. 

From left to right: Abbey Kurtz, Haley Moss Dillon, Mandy Guitar, Daniel Glass, me, Mary Finn, Ashley Peterson, Glenn Geher, Laura Johnsen. 

Representing the Evolutionary Psychology lab at the Psychology Department Holiday Party/ Trivia Night

Team "Do You Catch My Genetic Drift?" 

At the Psych Department Holiday Party. 
From left to right: Mary Finn, me, Haley Moss Dillon, Mandy Guitar

-Spring 2010- 

Our Lab's Kickball team (with family and friends-including my mom!) at the Psychology Department's annual kickball tournament.

 Gallup/Geher Lab, Spring 2010.

Glenn and I at NEEPS 2010. 

Research Lab Spring 2010 (from left to right): Ashley Peterson, Darlisa Delacruz, Glenn Geher, Nicole "Gigi" Giordano, Abbey Kurtz, me, Laura Johnsen, Ben Crosier, Haley Moss Dillon.

NEEPS 2010 (from left to right): Me, Nicole "Gigi" Giordano and Haley Moss Dillon at NEEPS 2010 (return to New Paltz).


My boyfriend (T.J.) and I at my undergraduate graduation (2009). 

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